Our industry is changing. It has never been easier to achieve professional sounding music outside of the traditional large studio setting. Films are successfully being edited and their sound mixed in small spaces that have traditionally been called project studios. Ad agencies, voice actors, and casting directors can now easily create finished products without the need of ISDN boxes and consoles. The internet is – in many cases – the linchpin in all this, making it easier and easier to forge connections between independent musicians, producers, distributors of music and film, and voice artists and casting directors.

While big studios with large rooms will never become a thing of the past, there are increasingly more budget-conscious clients who need to have a place to make their way in this industry, without taking on themselves the investment of time and money needed to build creative spaces or navigate the often intimidating landscape of studios and post houses.

Since 2002, humpbackmedia has been aware of and responsive to the shift in the way we think of, produce, and interact with all forms of media. We have offered a range of services supporting the needs of independent musicians, voice actors and film makers.

With the completion of
17th Street Studios, humpbackmedia is proud to offer a professionally designed and built set of rooms for tracking and mixing music, posting film and television, and providing recording, editing and production space for voice talents, casting directors, producers and teachers.

Our goal is to help bring all your audio ideas to fruition.