Nathan Lowe “officially” began his voice-over career in 1999 doing college radio. Unofficially, he has been fascinated by voices, dialects, characters, and accents all his life. From the time he was at least 5, Nathan was either embarrassing his folks by trying to imitate relatives or people he heard in the street, or driving them crazy wearing out old Disney records by listening to them over and over... and over, mesmerized by the sound of the actors’ voices and the wonderful, crazy things they made their vocal apparatus do — and wanting to do the same.

Nathan also started singing from an early age, first in choirs, and thru college on a music scholarship. In these vocal performances, he learned the voice’s capacity to deliver powerful messages, in a way that he didn’t understand from cartoons. Added to this mix was his time in and around theatre, and from these various sources, Nathan grew to understand the fun, influence and true artistry of this wonderful craft.

Fast forward to a move to Los Angeles, a stint at KFI radio, the opportunity to train with respected voice coaches, and to voice for KCRW, The National Geographic Channel, Walmart, ADP, and more.

Nathan is currently represented by
Rockstar Entertainment in Los Angeles, which is proud to be associated with the VO Agent Alliance.


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SAG/AFTRA Performer #: 10185842

Contact Nathan by phone at 213.458.3805

You can also send him a message by contacting him thru the site.

Clients - Projects/Characters
Nexon America - Dragon Nest ("Germaine") • Wisecrack - 8 Bit Philosophy Youtube series • Houghton Mifflin - Curious World iOS App • Focus Home Interactive - Space Run online video game ("Captain Black", "Brownbeard") • Shadowbox Pictures - Paul Fredrick • The Jacks Firm - Maxxima Lighting • MUH·TAY·ZIK HOF·FER - SDCI • Thomas ARTS - AETNA • Total Media Group - LPL Financial • The Kitchen - Woodlawn • True North - Cisco • Visionarium/True North - SuccessFactors • KingsIsle Entertainment - Pirate101 MMORPG ("Death", "Deacon", "Harry Lyme" characters) • David & Goliath - Carl's Jr. • Carmichael/Lynch - National Geographic • ICOR, Intl - ICOR Training • Time Warner - Oceanic TW Cable • Catholic Charities • KCRW • ADP • Tangerine Hero - Userlytics • LoSasso - Brunswick XL • 3 CLiCk Media - • National Geographic Channel • Lunchbox Studios - Wal-Mart SoundCheck • Wingman Media - Easylife Furniture, Tastee Freeze • Wizard of Ads - Boone County National Bank • MC2 - DRS Technologies • Sick Media - SignalOne • Ernie Geefay - VSP • Toy Presidents • Skystorm - NTM • Husky IMS

Mary Lynn Wissner • Bob Bergen • Marc Cashman • Dolores Diehl • Bill Holmes • MJ Lallo • Roy Samuelson • Roger Scott • Nancy Wolfson • Wofford College Theatre program • Wofford College music/voice scholarship

"As an engineer, I found Nathan to be completely professional, easy to work with, responsive to changes and edits, and the quality of his recordings to be top-notch. I recommended Nathan to a client and both he and I are utterly pleased with the result; Nathan nailed the voice and intonation that my client needed, bringing his audio book to life."
—Paul Grove, bludatta publishing, a division of Sartori International, LLC

"Nathan's professionalism far exceeded my expectations. He was relaxed and easy to work with, yet was always prompt in sending his work back to me. The quality of his readings is astounding!"
—Marty Kaarre, author "Breathing Holes: Stories Supplying Fresh Air for Unconventional People"

"Nathan, thanks for consistently delivering the goods...without exception, You’re über reliable, prompt, and well prepared. Your narrations flow like fine poetry, and I’m not kidding. And you’re versatile, too. Many thanks for making my job much easier!"
—Marco Panattoni, Executive Producer, True North/Visionarium

"Nathan was great to work with. We had a very tight deadline and needed someone who could provide us with flexibility and a quick turnaround. He helped us with both. Everything went very smoothly and our clients were thrilled with the end result."
—Kristen Kearns, COO, Element Productions

"This guy is the man."
—Jason Prezant, Director of Photography, The Kitchen

“I have worked with Nathan to produce several product training videos for our company over the past few years. He is an extremely talented voice artist. Nathan has been a pleasure to work with, has delivered superb voice over to us in a timely manner, and provided us with the highest quality audio every time. I will use Nathan for any voice over needs we have in the future, and highly recommend him for your next project."
—Shellie Mix, Assistant Sales & Marketing Director, ICOR International, Inc.

"Nathan is an incredibly-talented, multi-faceted actor that breathes life into every VO project he touches. He is able to manipulate his voice in such a way that enables us to use him for just about every production we throw his way. Nathan’s range is vast: pompous British professor, documentary announcer, deep Scottish gentleman, Southern hillbilly, the movie trailer guy, you name it. And on top of his tremendous talent comes his rock-solid professionalism. Nathan delivers on time and on budget every time. It’s an absolute pleasure working with Nathan, and we recommend him highly to anyone looking for great-sounding, well-performed VO. Nathan is rock-star caliber, and you should look no further!"
—Jacob Salamon, Founder & CEO and Jared Bauer, Founder & Head of Development, Wisecrack, Inc.

Being centrally located in LA, Nathan is a short drive from any studio in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Burbank, and surrounding areas. He has also created a professionally designed and built studio for the growing realities of digital media delivery.

Nathan works with Pro Tools with Universal Audio Apollo and Twin Quad interfaces, Sennheiser 416 and Neumann M 149 microphones, and an analog signal path (Summit Audio 2BA 221 mic pre, TLA 50 leveling amp & EQF100 equalizer). He also uses Rødes, MXL V69, Shures, AKGs, &c. He has the usual compressor, expander, emulator, EFX, &c plugins as well. Nathan has Source Connect™ in the studio – which can bridge with ISDN lines. He has FTP capabilities, can email up to 20mb .aif, .mp3, .wav/SDII/BWF files – or can overnight the same on CD... and can even send cassettes!
You can find out more about the studio here!