Looking and feeling good is only half the equation. 17th Street Studios provides a perfect mix of technology and heart. We strive to foster a productive, inviting and secure atmosphere, where the focus is providing quality work. We don’t have a latté machine or lava lamps in the control room, but we are serious about the excellence of our services and products.
Our Pro Tools and Logic equipped control room has both quality ‘in the box’ plug-ins and outboard gear. We hand make our cables. Our mics aren’t 70 years old, but they are made by some of the best manufacturers in the business. Our collection of gear is constantly growing, and of course, we can easily rent any gear needed. We can wire in your boutique pieces into our patchbays if you have something you would like to bring into a session.

Our gear includes a
Black Lion Audio modified 002r, Apogee ADC, Summit Audio mic preamps, compressors, and EQs, Sennheiser, Neumann, Cascade, Shure, Røde, AKG, Earthworks, Royer (by special arrangement) and MXL microphones, Pearl drums, Peavy and Ampeg amps, Gibson, Epiphone, Steinberger, Santa Cruz (by special arrangement), Alvarez (by special arrangement), and Martin guitars, and Fender and Warwick basses. We have turntable, DAT, and mini-disc capabilities, and can even make cassettes! For more details, contact us.

If you are a serious independent musician, filmmaker, or producer, who is looking for a fresh take on the art and science of audio services, consider making this the place for you.
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