Now for the nuts and bolts and the legalese...

Please take a moment to read and understand all our policies, so that your experience and ours can be the best.

Hours of Operation
Booking and Payments
Storage, media, and liability

Hours of Operation:

Regular business hours:
8:00am to 8:00pm PST, Monday thru Thursday
8:00am to 6:00pm PST Friday

Saturday and Sunday times are on a session-by-session basis.

Holiday hours and rates available upon request. Holidays are all federally recognized holidays, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day.

Booking and Payments:

A 50% deposit against the total time booked is required to confirm booking. All deposits will be received 10 business days before the scheduled booked time. We reserve the right to waive a deposit fee at our discretion. If a session is scheduled without a deposit, we reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the booked time at our discretion. We do not guarantee that we will give prior notice for such changes or cancellations, though we will attempt to notify a client of a change or cancellation if possible.

Rush and late notice (same day and/or less than 24 hour) requests for studio time – whether with or without an engineer – are subject to a time and a half fee at our discretion.

Studio booking is a minimum of one hour (weekends and holidays are two hours).

Billing begins at the scheduled time of the booking, regardless of whether or not a client notifies us that they are running late. If a session ends prior to the scheduled completion time of the session, the remaining time will be billed at half-rate.

Overtime is billed at time and a half – this applies to all
services and rates.

Payment in full for the session is due immediately after each session; we reserve the right to make other financial arrangements at our sole discretion.

Clients will be responsible for all attorney’s fees and other fees incurred by us for non-payment collection services. Back to the top


All clients are responsible for the entire time they have booked. No exceptions.

Cancellations made by a client – for any reason –
must be made 48 business hours in advance. Any cancellation with less than 48 hours notice is subject to the entire session fee for the time booked. No exceptions. Calling and leaving a phone message, text message, email or or other electronic message does not constitute a cancellation – unless confirmed by a member of the studio’s staff. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to waive these cancellation fees.

If we are unable to hold a confirmed session – for any reason – and must cancel it for any reason, we will only warrant that we will re-book the cancelled session at another time that is mutually available to us and the client, and will refund the 50% deposit for the cancelled session. Back to the top

Storage, media, and liability:

Clients will provide their own formatted hard drives and cables for
all projects. Each drive and all accessories/cables must be clearly marked as the property of the client. All drives must meet the minimum requirements for Pro Tools compatibility listed on Avid’s website.

Clients assume all risks associated with storing, on or off our premises, or our use of, any and all sound recordings, video recordings, digital data in any storage format including but not limited to audio, video, midi, or other file types, or equipment of any kind or nature. As a courtesy, we will back up client’s sessions and other related media for 90 days after final delivery. However, we will be held harmless for any loss of data prior to those 90 days, and this back up will not be considered guaranteed.

Clients agree to hold harmless humpbackmedia and 17th Street Studios from any and all damage that might occur to any and all sound recordings, video recordings, digital data in any storage format including but not limited to audio, video, midi, or other file types, or equipment of any kind or nature for any reason. Our liability will be limited only to the replacement cost of blank media of like format of comparable value.

Our liability for any downtime resulting from equipment malfunction, acts of nature or war, power outages, will be limited to the studio time booked for a session. Clients agree to hold us harmless from any and all damages from any downtime.

No media of any kind (this includes but is not limited to hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, video or audio tapes, DAT tapes, mini-discs, vinyl or acetate discs) in our possession will be released to clients until all accounts have been settled and all checks tendered as payment have cleared.

We make no warranty – express or implied – other than those contained herein. Clients agree that we will not be held liable for unforeseen or consequential damages of any kind.

Rates, policies, and equipment may change without notice of any kind. Back to the top

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