17th Street Studios and humpbackmedia offer a variety of services.


We provide tracking, mixing, producing, and editing services using our engineers and equipment or yours. Our rooms are available for rent as our schedule permits. We gladly welcome serious musicians and producers in all genres. So, if you’ve already recorded a set of songs and have a dream, or if you just have some musical ideas but are not sure how to translate them into a finished product, we can help make that a reality.


Our Pro Tools|HD systems give us full timecode, OMF, and track counts for your film or television project. We also have Logic and Adobe Premiere, and have Izotope RX software. You may want to rent the room for a space to edit your film. You can also have us edit dialogue, create M&Es, sweeten, hold ADR and looping sessions, and do sound fixes.


We have Neumann and Sennheiser microphones as our standard voice over mics, and both our larger tracking room and isolation booth are available for auditions and finals, ADR sessions, private lessons, demos and finished spot production. Not only can we provide the space, but we can provide direction, production, and voice talent as well. We use
Source Connect Pro internet connectivity software. Also ask us about graphic design services for your reel. We also offer special rates for messages on hold; see our rates below, or contact us for more information.


We are aware that in these tough times, budgets are of paramount concern. Bearing that in mind, we have tried to structure our fees in such a way that we can provide great service at a reasonable rate. Please be sure to also be aware of our studio

Renting the studio:

$35 per hour without an engineer
$65 with an engineer

Tracking (music, VO, film/TV):

$45 per hour

Mixing and Editing (music, VO, film/TV):

$85 per hour

Message on Hold/IVR:

Standard Package

1 Message ($50-$200)—The Standard Package consists of a professionally produced, nonspecific, yet courteous on-hold message with music that will add a polished touch to an economy answering service. Price is based on length of music bed.

Custom Packages

Each Custom Package can be up to four minutes, using a completed script you create with a voice you choose, and is accented with music we select.

1 Production: $325—One message for your greeting or main menu. You provide the completed script, choose the talent that fits your message best, and we’ll provide appropriate music and professional production value.

2 Productions: $450—Add a prepaid update to your message whenever you like. Send us the completed script and leave the rest to us.

4 Productions: $675—Use this option for even more flexibility — to stay on top of seasonal changes, for example — with four custom greetings at one great price. We can produce your four completed scripts all at once or as you choose.

8 Productions: $999—Need more options for a growing business? Stay current with a new message twice a quarter, or use your messages whenever you like.

12 Productions: $1350—This package offers the most flexibility, allowing you to update your message every month or whenever you choose – thus making available the most current information for your customers.

Sometimes two voices are better than one! Just ask, and for $75 more per package, we can provide more than one voice for your application.

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